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CP Combined General Meeting of may 02, 2024
CBo Territoria governance evolution
News—Residential property development
PR Release of the preparatory documents for the General Shareholders' Meeting
PR Availability of the annual financial report
PR Sales 2023 CBo Territoria
CBo Territoria concludes the sale of 133 residential units to SHLMR / Action Logement


CP Official opening to the general public Ylang-Ylang Center
Residential property development: a productive year for CBo Territoria on all product lines
An intense and solid first semester 2023
ORNANE Successful Issue
ORNANE launch
Combined general meeting of June 6, 2023
Closing of the block sale of 78 housing units to SHLMR / Action Logement in Beauséjour, And Handover of the new EPSMR (“Etablissement Public de Santé Mentale de La Réunion”) facilities
Submission of proposed resolutions by a shareholder for the General Meeting of June 7, 2023
MAD RFA 2022 press release
Provision of the annual financial report 2022 Press Release
Press release Biotope framework agreement (FR)
Press release of April 13, 2023 (FR)
Annual results 2022 (FR)
2022 revenue
2022 revenues (FR)


2023 financial agenda
Financial Calendar 2023 (FR)

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Procès verbal de l'AGM du 2 mai 2024
Résultat des votes par résolution
Déclaration mensuelle Droits de Vote (DDV) avril 2024

Financial documents

Rapport RSE 2023
Rapport financier annuel 2023
Rapport financier annuel 2023 format ESEF